Bixie cut: the most trendy short haircut of 2022

Bixie with long bangs

The bixie haircut was popular in the 1990s, and today it has regained its relevance. It will be one of the most trendy hairstyles in 2022, and fans of short haircuts will be happy to make such a choice to not spend a lot of time on hair fitting.

Bixie consists of components of two other popular short haircuts. Thus, it has a length of bob and form pixie, hence the name: bob + pixie = bixie. By appearance, it could also be called messy multilayered bob.

Such a haircut will emphasize your feminine nature (as bob did), but at the same time, it gives the image some ease and even audacity (as result of pixie influence).

Do you remember the «Melrose Place» show star Lisa Rinna from the 90s or singer from «Tatu» band Julia Volkova? It is thanks to the bixie cut that their public images remain recognizable even after many years.

«Melrose Place» show star Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna with Bixie Cut

Soure: @lisarinna

Singer from «Tatu» band Julia Volkova

Volkova with bixie cut


Haircut varieties will give your image originality and finality, and that’s why you will choose one or another option for your face shape and image without difficulty.

Top-10 Ideas for Bixie Cut

1. Bixie with long bangs

The bixie haircut with long bangs has a unique and memorable appearance and makes the woman’s eyes more expressive. Color-contrasting spindles attract the attention of the people around you to the shade waves and add expressiveness to your image. This option is suitable for a narrow face and a chin shaped like a heart.

Bixie with long bangs

Source: @carmenjayelove


2. Pin Up Bixie cut

Fans of unexpected experiments prefer to combine bixie with greased back hair. This haircut looks stylish and elegant and always allows a woman to feel more confident. This is ideal for oval-shaped women’s faces.

Bixie with greased back hair

Source: @justindillaha_hair


3. Side Part Bixie

The colorful bixie with a hair-parting haircut will deepen the effect of the details of your hair, and the sloppy wave effect will give you a feeling of ease. It will be ideal for a square and round face because it will emphasize the proportionality and harmony of such a face.

Side part bixie

Source: @haddoxkimberly


4. Bixie with short bangs

Bixie, combined with short bangs, will deepen your facial strengths, make your hair more expressive and visually add volume to your haircut. This hairstyle has a spectacular and unique appearance, it is suitable both for ceremonial and everyday dressing, and it will allow you to feel like a beautiful woman at any holiday event.

Bixie with short bangs

Source: @korotkie_pricheski


5. whiskers Bixie

Bixie with whiskers surrounds the face on both sides and deepens the effect of so-called negligent locks. This haircut will be as good as possible for the oval shape of the face and the slender girls and will look natural and concise. A bright shade, which is similar to what Milen Farmer once chose, will give your image uniqueness and an extra expressiveness without which sometimes you are bored.

Bixie with whiskers

Source: @nikiwalker_walker


6. Long bixie cut

An elongated bixie will visually give extra volume to your hair, and your image will become lighter and more beautiful due to this. It is perfect for a round face and a big forehead. Such a haircut can have a unique appearance if you add a component to your haircut such as short bangs of asymmetrical shape because it will decorate and complete your face and highlight the strengths of your appearance.

Long bixie cut

Source: @korotkie_pricheski


7. Messy bixie

Short messy bixie is the perfect option for a woman who wants to hide her inner power and pretend to be feminine and unprotected. That’s why a lot of men want to be the shoulder for such women with that haircut, protect and comfort them.

Messy Bixie

Source: @korotkie_pricheski


8. Asymmetrical bixie cut

Asymmetrical bixie is suitable for those with a round face with tender and small features. This kind of haircut gives you a sense of mobility in your face and makes a spectacular image that nature has not given you an unforgettable beauty.

Asymmetric bixie

Source: @haircutdidi


9. Curly Bixie

Bixie for curly hair is an option for those who like such unique haircuts. You must remember that short curls make your hair long even if your hair is thin and not thick. This version of bixie hair makes women with small and thin faces very beautiful, but the person with the big face should try something else.

Curly bixie

Source: @sm_lawless


10. Bixie with glasses

Bixie is the ideal option for women who wear glasses regularly and are not afraid to look out of trend. The long bangs will give you a mysterious and elegant look, and the big glasses will deepen any of your looks and fit each of your whole wardrobes.

Bixie with glasses

Source: @beautiful_mess_1997

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Most frequent bixie issue questions

What Is Bixie Haircut?

The bixie haircut is very similar to a multilayered bob and an elongated pixie at the same time. This great combination of two short haircuts combines the femininity of the bob and unique dynamic of a pixie.
The size of the roots and the layers of layers are the features that you can get if your hairdresser applies a technique that refers to pixie, and the long strands and asymmetries are what professionals do in the case of bob.
The forms of bixie allow women to experiment with laying and coloring, which can be colorful and multicolored, as well as more rigorous. It has a spectacular and dynamic appearance, but may even look subtle, but there is one common feature for the types of this haircut, which always looks stylish.

What is the difference between Bixie, Pixie, and Bob haircuts?

The main difference between bixie and bob is the asymmetry in the level of locks and a bit of "sloppiness" because of hair placement. Bob generally does not have locks that stick in different directions, and therefore it looks more smooth and soft.
The main difference between bixie and pixie is the length of the hair. While the pixie is generally similar to a male haircut, the bixie has a length of bob.
So, pixie is a very short haircut, and bob is a little longer, then the bixie haircut has the most optimal length, with which you can do the laying boldly, experiment with whiskers, and create curly hair. Haircut bixie helps you choose something interesting from a very large range of options for stylish layout and coloring. Besides, it is the optimal variant for all forms of the face type, and textures of hair as it helps in the process of creating unique and stylish images.

Who Can Wear a Bixie Haircut?

This haircut is considered universal because it helps women forget the need for daily hair styling, and it is the best option for all facial shapes and hair types. Women of all ages will be able to feel beautiful and attractive because of their new image and impressiveness.
Bixie is good for almost everyone, so the woman with such a haircut has to choose with an accent. It could be bangs, asymmetries, sideburns, side cores, or backward curls. The distinctive feature is that a bixie haircut is one that you can modify to suit a particular type of appearance. It also emphasizes the expressive gaze of the woman and deepens the attention of the people around you on your face. That’s why bixie will look harmoniously and gracefully, anyway.
Although bixie will be a good option for any facial shape, one variation of this haircut can mask its strengths. For the round shape of the face, the bangs of any length will fit perfectly, as well as lush shape, sloppy locks, or maximum length. For the oval face, it’s a long bang, sideburns, lacerated haircut, and asymmetry, for a triangular face, the best option is long bangs and a stylish head top. At the same time, women with square facial shapes will not be wrong if they choose such a good hair element as bangs.
Hair is a very important part of the image. This is the reason that the bixie haircut is what barbers and stylists call the rejuvenating one, because it refreshes the image, hides the imperfections of the face, and looks unique and interesting. It will look good with both short and medium length, asymmetry, and variability, as each barber can do it differently. The bixie haircut is suitable for women of any age, and this only confirms the versatility of this hairstyle. Bixie is what emphasizes your individuality and is a great way to express yourself.

On what hair textures does bixie cut work?

Haircut bixie is suitable for all hair types because stylists created this for various experiments. Women with straight hair will be able to perform any layout and focus the attention of the people around them on the details of their appearance, and women who live with curly hair will deepen the effect of extra hair volume, their color waves, and variability. Various variations such as bixie layered, bixie elongated, bixie with asymmetry, side cork, help each woman to create a unique and beautiful image.


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