65 Best Black And White Nail Ideas

Black and White Wedding Nails

Black and white is a classic blend of shades that can create beautiful and gentle nail design.

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Every woman gives herself the opportunity to choose a perfect match to a certain shape of a nail plate if she decides to make a black and white manicure: nails in the form of a wedge, a square, an oval, a circle, a short and a long shape. You can also combine different types of manicure and techniques to do this.

The contrasting components of the drawings will give your manicure originality and elegance. You can also use patterns and extensions that will increase the effect on every part of the manicure. Classic combination of black and white lacquers do not leave the list of fashionable trends. Such a manicure would be ideal for women who do not have the opportunity to grow long nails. You will also be able to diversify your design with a composition of thin and tidy lines. Nails in these shades have become very popular with young, original girls and women.


1. Elegant Ombre

The ombre manicure is an ideal choice for experimentation fans and for creating unusual patterns. Black and white ombre nails always looks unique and at the same time feminine. Glossy coating of such nails can be obtained using gel. Drawing a flower with one of ten nails will make your nail design more individual and unique.

Black and White Ombre Nails

Source: @havennails_beautyspa


2. Tiny Black Feathers

The white matte manicure on the nails with the narrow shape looks finished and discarded. Some women with these nails choose simple black and white nail art designs and stick little black rhinestones to their nails. As a result, we see that a simple black and white manicure becomes an elegant and unique design solution.

Simple Black and White Manicure

Source: @simplycrystalnails


3. Glossy Red Accent

The original drawings on the short nails always look nice and aesthetic. They also give your nails an identity. You can make your nails more expressive if you paint one hand with red black and white nails. This combination of shades is the most unique and gives its owner a sense of ease and freedom.

Red Black and White.Nails

Source: @ivannamatsibora


4. Pink and Print Contrast

The combination of pink black and white nails’ colors resembles a cow print, but it looks unique and provocative. If you make one nail out of five on one hand in pink, you look more romantic and gentle. This nail design resembles a nail suit. This black and white pink-accented manicure is perfect for any image or event.

Pink Black and White Nails

Source: @kitty_nails69


5. Silver Fireworks

Wedge-shaped nails give you the opportunity to experiment and create unusual drawings in your manicure. This design reminds us of silver fireworks and looks spectacular and stylish, and the conspicuous elements of design will give your female appearance an identity. Black white and silver nails with art and jewelry will not go unnoticed by the people around you at any holiday event.

Black and White Stiletto Nails

Source: @scratchmagazine


6. Just Super Easy

Minimalistic manicure increasingly attracts the attention of modern women. If you color your nails white completely, the ideal option is to add a black stripe to the top of your nails or refined points in the bottom one. This design always looks a win-win, both in combination with the holiday and daily.

White Nails with Black Tips

Source: @kc.stylizacja.paznokci


7. Witchy Stiletto Nails

Wedge-shaped nails look very narrowed, so you can focus the attention of the people around you on every detail of your manicure. Black and white stiletto nails with glitter will look graceful, and white stripes, patterns, and large rhinestones will make the drawing on the nails more elaborate. Such a unique and beautiful manicure is the perfect solution for the holiday image, for example, you can make such nails for Christmas celebration.

Black and White Nail Design

Source: @klawed_by_katey


8. Gold Geometry Design

The geometric manicure breaks the hearts of millions of girls because it is unique in that it has a detailed design structure with many details. The black white and gold nail design with pattern makes an interesting combination of the shades on the nails, and the small-sized straps in the center of the nails create the unique print. This type of manicure is ideal for both everyday and festive image.

Black White and Gold Nail Design

Source: @nails_by_sayaka


9. Matte Lace Mani

A matt lacy manicure looks aesthetically and romantically, and the combination of black and white creates a unique contrast. Black and white matte nails do not require decor elements because they are perfect in their performance. This type of nail design is the perfect solution for an elegant suit or a womanly dress.

Black and White Matte Nails

Source: @kitty_nails69


10. Short Nails with Dalmatian Print

Short nails always look nice and harmonious with the image of the girl. A bright and elegant manicure makes it possible to make a manicure with a drawing of a Dalmatian that focuses the attention of people around you on their detail. Black and white nail art for short nails will break the hearts of your friends and loved ones with simple style and ease of performance.

Short Black and White Nails

Source: @may_nailvan


11. Halloween Mood

Thematic manicure ombre looks original and stylish and is suitable for the Halloween holiday. Interesting streams from black to white will help you achieve contrast, and different Halloween symbols and skulls will make your nail design complete. The black and white Halloween nails are gonna be a hit of the party and get the attention of everyone around you. They also make your nails unique.

Black and White Halloween Nails

Source: @lizziemay90


12. White, Black and Glitter Mix

White glossy varnish always looks stylish and allows a professional to experiment with print. Black inscriptions or stripes in the upper part of the nail make the image of a woman more unique and feminine, and a silver glitter, which is made on only one nail, adds glitter to the manicure. Black and white glitter nails with are the perfect option to create spectacular image.

Black White and Glitter Nail Art

Source: @rd.nailz


13. Zebra Stripes

This black and white striped nails design that we present to you in this post is something that resembles zebra print. It is ideal for fun and extraordinary women. The stripes on the nails are imprinted by a professional in different styles. They help you create an interesting drawing for yourself, which will have many details that are filled with beauty and contrasts. The zebra print will make your manicure even more original and diverse thanks to the striped design.

Black and White Striped Nails

Source: @michellesbeauty18


14. Polka Dot and Gorgeous Gold

Experiment fans often choose unusual combinations of shades and patterns. Black and white polka dot nails can be combined with fully painted golden glitter. This type of manicure is an idea for both the celebration and the everyday style.

Polka Dot Black and White Nails

Source: @mavis_nailart


15. Yin Yang Сoffin Nails

To make a spectacular and stylish manicure, you must choose two completely different colors for each hand, such as white and black. The pair of nails contain a yin-yang symbol or a smiley face. The black and white coffin nails in your eyelids will be your most glamorous attraction to please you and your friends.

Yin Yang Black and White Nails

Source: @secretnails17


16. Gentle Flower Design

Delicate floral design is the best way to make you a spring mood and a light, airy image. Nails with pointed ends are painted gel, which makes your manicure more concise and aesthetic. Black and white flower nail design does not require elements of decor, as it even without them looks perfect.

Black and White Flower Nail Design

Source: @nailsbydianediamond


17. Double French Mani

Double French is the most popular type of French manicure. It looks concise and refined, but at the same time stylish. Black nails with white tips are ideal to complete your outfit for any holiday. It will make you more confident. You can achieve the sparkle effect with gel.

Black Nails with White Tips

Source: @catewalknails


18. Orange is the New Black

The combination of orange black and white nail art is a unique design in which each color is bright and juicy. The nails are matte and pointed. They will make you confident and help you to achieve the most beautiful drawing on your nails.

Black White and Orange Nails

Source: @vintagenailhaus


19. Half Black Half White

Black and white makes it possible for women to experiment and create unique prints. The manicure master combines fully painted black or white nails with a pointed shape in the case of half black or half white nails. This is nail design, which you can dilute with aesthetic patterns and pictures.

Half Black Half White Nails

Source: @nails_beauty_daniela


20. Сhevron Nails

The black and white chevron nails print makes your fingernails visually longer and makes them spectacular and elegant. This makes it useful for any outfit. The semi-transparent white varnish on the nail plate makes the shades contrast. All this is controlled by gel.

Black and White Сhevron Nails

Source: @charlottenails88


21. Blue, White and Black Ombre

According to experts, ombre manicure is the ideal solution for women who prefer to combine different shades to create a rich color palette. Narrow waves with blue black and white nail designs are what gives your manicure the easy effect of beautiful nail design. Blue and black and white ombre is the perfect choice for evening gown or business suit. It will make you more feminine and desirable.

Black White Blue Ombre Nails

Source: @furdui.raluca


22. Negative Outlines

You must choose two different colors, such as black and white, in order to create a unique matte manicure. Each hand makes a difference in this manicure, so they have to be made the same way and carefully. White nails with black outline will make this manicure complete because they focus on every detail of your manicure. White nails with black lines always look short and stylish at the same time.

Black and White Almond Nails

Source: @beauty_by_kat_and_kristina


23. Purple Dreams

A purple shade will make your nails air and give you a nice and joyful mood. You can diversify the short nail-white print in different parts of the nail. Purple black and white nailsare ideal for both casual and holiday wear. This stylish purple manicure should try on every fashion designer.

Black White and Purple Manicure

Source: @xpaulinamalujex


24. Green Tropic Accent

A tropical accent manicure will make you feel better in the summer. Fully painted white nails are well matched with black patterns or a beach print. Green, black and white nail designs with inclusions are the best method to create contrast and unique nail design in which each combination falls into the center of attention.

Black and White Tropic Nail Design

Source: @niche_beauty_za_official


25. Pointy Nails with Black Tips

The length of the fingernails may be any length, but this season the long ones have suddenly come back into fashion, but only in a specific form. black and white pointy nails look spectacular and stylish, fit with any outfit, be it holiday clothes or business suits. The glossy effect makes your manicure light and shine by using gel.

Black and White Pointed Nails

Source: @nailsbyamandacass


26. Wedding Nail Art

Black and white wedding nails will highlight the girl’s personality and will certainly be a unique solution. The imprint will remind you of a real work of art in which every detail is important. A manicure like that will make your image light and desirable, and you’ll look like a real princess in the photos.

Black and White Wedding Nails

Source: @n_v_nailz


27. Glossy Almond

Black fingernails give every woman in any dress the distinction and elegance. Unique combinations emphasize individuality. Heart-shaped print of different shapes and shades drawn on only one nail creates beautiful and feminine nail design. Black and white almond nails are ideal for a day-to-day or evening event.

black and white nail design

Source: @designernails_studio


28. Cold Marble Coffins

Wedge nails attract your friends and relatives to their sharpened and tightened form, which allows you to create an unusual nail design. The beautiful marble texture is very similar to the precious mineral. It fits well with all sorts of soft colors and shiny veins. It will help you to create a noble look. Black and white marble nails on a colorless surface will have the effect of cold and winter on you, and the little ones on the bottom of the nails will make the nail print complete and unique.

Black and White Marble Nails

Source: @kitty_nails69


29. Minimalistic Duo-Color Outlines

The technique of manicure with rhinestones is numerous, but most often women prefer minimalist variants. This minimalist manicure captures the hearts of the people around you with its discreet and calm design. Two-colored lines and stripes look great on long nails, which emphasize pithiness. You can get a glossy effect by using gel.

Black and White Coffin Nails

Source: @thenailprogramme


30. French Tips Matte Nails

French manicure is a classic variant in the world of nail art. This style can be varied by using different color stripes in the upper part of the nails. Matt French will make you look with a touch of affection and confidence. Every manicurist dreams of that outcome, and you won’t be disappointed if you decide to get a manicure like that from your manicurist.

Pink Black and White Matte Nails

Source: @mg.artistry


31. Mixed Geometry

Geometrical manicure is a stylish and interesting solution that certainly will not go unnoticed by your friends and relatives or colleagues. You can use different colors and prints to give your fingernails originality. Geometric manicure is a stylish and interesting solution that will certainly not go unnoticed. Different colors and drawings can be used for originality. A matt manicure with a geometrical accent will fit any image or event.

White and Black Manicure

Source: @mg.artistry


32. Contrasting Zebra Accent

In the modern world, a woman with unmarked nails feels hollowed out and not divine. She may think that she is uncrowned and ugly. The white varnish looks not only succinct, but also incredibly stylish. Originality will add a bright print of a zebra on one nail, which will also focus on the details of the drawing, focus on. You can achieve glossy effects with gel. You can choose colors and nail designs for your fingernails yourself.

White Nails with Black Stripes

Source: @beauty.lab.ve


33. White Side, Black Sid

Nude long nails look elegant and stylish. If you want to achieve an original and unique style, you must put white stripes on one hand with nails, and on the other one, it will be black stripes. In addition, you can make a glossy effect by using gel and unique combinations. This will make your look and outfit just stunning and unique. You’ll feel feminine and tender.

French Manicure with Black and White Tips

Source: @jmnails_biggleswade


34. Two-Color French Mix

Not all women prefer the pointy shape of nails. It is not considered comfortable. Manicure French is a leading player in the developing world of nail art. You can use different colors such as white and black at the top of the nail. All of fingernail is one color and its tip is different. The classic version of the manicure will play with new colors and will certainly draw the attention of the people around you.

Two Color French Nails

Source: @kitty_nails69


35. Abstract Paintings

In the world of nail art, this is the classic of nails. When copying material, the link to the source is mandatory! The abstract drawings on the white gel look gentle and succinct. The fingernails will vary with different images and patterns. Nails will highlight a woman’s rich imagination, beauty, personality, and sense of style.

Coffin White and Black Nails

Source: @nailsandspacaterham


36. Black Snake

The glossy effect of the gel gives the nail-design efficiency and elegance, and the combination of different shades creates an interesting picture. You can combine fully painted black nails with white ones, which will be harmoniously painted with snake images and aesthetic patterns by the manicure master.

White Nails with Black Paintings

Source: @kitty_nails69


37. Reverse Outlines

A manicure with unique prints is always the focus of attention of the people around you and complements any image. The reverse lines on the white and black nails allow you to make unique prints, and the glossy gel effect will make your nails shine. A heart-shaped print and two-color combination is an amazing way to convey how unique you are as a woman.

Black and White Acrylic Nails

Source: @kitty_nails69


38. Royal Marble

Marble manicure fits any event, so it is a trendy and universal solution. The golden inclusions will emphasize the smallest detail. Carrying out such manicure gel ensures tenderness and refinement. A long nail manicure like this will give confidence and make any image bright.

White and Black Marble Manicure

Source: @klawed_by_katey


39. Pretty Little Hearts

This manicure can be used for any theme and for everyday nail design. It looks rather modest, strict and restrained. If you want more joy, you can add gold in your nails that will focus on the smallest details. This manicure can be used for any theme and for everyday nail design. It looks rather modest, strict and restrained. If you want more joy, you can add gold in your nails that will focus on the smallest details.

Black and White Nails Art with Hearts

Source: @beautyvision_ireland


40. Cream and Sugar Nails

Cream nails are a classic but also incredibly stylish solution in the world of nail art. If you paint one nail white, it also shows all the people around you how harmonious your nails are. Small hearts will make your manicure look like your youth and make you desirable and attractive.

Acrulic Black and White Nails

Source: @thenailqueenxox


41. Ballerina’s Heart

Nude manicure gives elegance and complements any gentle image. In the upper part of the nail plate a white stripe can be applied, which will resemble a manicure French. Little hearts will create an interesting drawing that won’t go unnoticed.

Balerina Black and White Nails

Source: @thenailprogramme


42. Elegant Chanel Allusion

The Chanel manicure is the perfect solution for technologists who want to look stylish and unusual. The combination of pink and white makes the manicure unique and elegant, so that every woman feels confident as a queen. The glossy effect on pointy short nails is what the gel allows you and your manicure master to do.

Simple Black and White Nail Design

Source: @thenailprogramme


43. Brand Fan

Classic nude nails can look more original and brighter if you are bold and start using unique details. A black stripe on the top of the nail will resemble a French manicure, and the Chanel logo will suit the true fans of this famous and popular brand.

Long Black and White Nails

Source: @thenailprogramme


44. Real Business Lady

A matte manicure with a geometric print will give you a sense of confidence and complement any business image and clothing you may have. The attraction of your appearance will certainly be present in your clothes and manicure through a combination of unusual shades and the application of sophisticated patterns on your fingernails. Every detail and combination of shades and patterns is important in such a manicure.

Cool Black and White Design

Source: @thenailprogramme


45. Night and Day

To create contrast in nail design you can choose two different but well-matched colors for each hand such as black and white. With the help of a drawing you can make a light and refined accent on one or more nails. So black and white French manicure will look even more amazing. This manicure will complement your image with notes of uniqueness and originality. It will also emphasize the identity of women.

Matte Black and White Nails

Source: @___dm_nails___


46. White Chic for Black Queen

Fans of surprises imagery choose spectacular nails such as those for black-skinned queens. Sharpened white nails will adorn black extensions, and colored rocks and rhinestones will shine and shine. Such a manicure would look good on any holiday event and go well with your outfit, whatever color it is.

Fancy Black and White Nails

Source: @catsclaws264


47. Flower Inspiration

A flower manicure will give you a spring mood of your appearance and add to any image. Luxury color prints will visually lengthen your nails and cause positive emotions in your friends and relatives, and also you.

Black Nails with White Flowers

Source: @mademoiselle_zenity


48. Print Mix

These nails include a variety of prints and look unique and stylish. Each toenail becomes unique because of such a bold combination. The combination of white and black allows professionals in the manicure environment to create interesting drawings that focus on every detail nail design.

Black Prints on White Nails

Source: @maybenailart


49. Glamour Combination

Black-and-white print in manicure is a classic but stylish variant. The accent will make one crimson nail as well as a glossy gel effect. The combination of unusual colors will make it possible to create spectacular and memorable images. This manicure can be safely used for any theme and for everyday nail design.

Black Prints on White Nails

Source: @angela.markuleva


50. Broken Butterfly and Rhinestones

Long pointed nails allow to experiment and create non-standard prints for you and your master. The white skull looks very original on a black background with a shiny horizontal stripe on the ring and middle finger. An image of a butterfly can be used on multiple nails when joining to represent a common pattern. The volumetric rhinestones on the black glossy nails will give effect and confidence to the image.

Black Butterfly on White Nails

Source: @queen_of_decals


51. Winter is Coming

You have to make this cold but cozy manicure in black and white, which will look festive and stylish at the same time. Thematic prints and inscriptions, like geometrical print, look perfect on long pointed nails.

White and Black Winter Nail Art

Source: @couture541


52. Simple and Elegant

The combination of white and black polish makes your manicure aesthetic and stylish. The glossy effects of gel varnish and glitter make your nails and their design shiny, and the colorful stones focus on every detail. This is the perfect solution for both the everyday and the evening image. It is another suitable nail manicure for short nails.

Elegant Black and White Design

Source: @mayracoronails


53. Shiny Black Petals

White nails always look brighter if you add a unique print to them. Shiny black petals, stones, refined rhinestones, and graphite print is the very method that makes your manicure original and feminine. A fully painted black nail on one hand will be the final component in this nail design because it will focus the attention of the people around you and yourself on every detail.

Black Flowers on White Nails

Source: @niaanailss


54. Milk White Double French

French manicure is a classic variant in the developing world of nail art, which never becomes obsolete. You can add a cow-like print to your maniukre, create a double French that will look spectacular and original. In addition, your helper will be a glossy gel that will make your nails shiny and shiny. This unique print is what you need to focus on every detail of your manicure. Extensions of nails can be any shape and length. Therefore, there is no limit for black and white French.

Milk White and Black Nails

Source: @selis_nailss


55. From Black to Marble

Black glossy nails look spectacular and stylish. They fit every image and event. Marble nails on some nails, unusual combinations create contrast, attract attention. Such manicure does not require decor elements, as it looks perfect and complete. A manicure like that would definitely look gentle, feminine and gentle.

Alcc Black and Two White Nails

Source: @black_diamond_beauty_salon_


56. Little Black Hearts

The little black hearts and the patterns on the translucent gel are the very tools that make your nails delicate and elegant. The black stripes on the top of your fingernails will give originality and womanhood to the classic manicure French if it is created only on a small nail. This manicure is the perfect solution for an elegant suit or a gentle dress.

Black Hearts on White Nails

Source: @tinanailbar


57. Pretty Stars

Short white nails look aesthetic and make your work nice and gentle. At first glance, this manicure seems simple, but it can be supplemented with black stars on several nails to become a true inclusion in the sphere of nail art. Minimalist manicure fits both gentle and elegant images perfectly.

Black Stars on White Nails

Source: @couturenails.lisa


58. White Tiger Print

This print will make your manicure and your life more diverse and interesting, because it will play with new colors thanks to this manicure. The glossy effect will give your image a glow and shine, and it will also make special attention for the unique print. This design will look very unusual, both in a festive and everyday way. Very extravagant looking black nails with a white stripe just below the middle of the nail.

Black Stripes on White Nails

Source: @diamond_nails_make_up


59. 3D Geometric Shapes

Those women who most want to show their individuality and show their unusual manicure can choose black-and-white geometric 3D figures. This choice will be ideal for those who like to pay a lot attention to the details of their manicure. That’s why nails like that will be visible to all the people around you.

Black and White Chess Nails

Source: @bombergirlnails


60. Simple Black Strips

The nail gradient allows all women who love and adorn themselves to experiment with shades and create a bright palette of flowers. Grading from black to gentle blue will allow your manicure to become gentle and elegant. Fine strips are the ideal method to focus on the smallest details of nail design.

Black and White Ombre Nails

Source: @signature_nailsgorey


61. Black Lunula Accent

Black-and-white manicures cannot seem boring and trivial, especially when choosing the most fashionable art. The black color at the base of the nail and the silver stripe at the center of the nail is the ideal option so that a manicure professional can give your nails a unique and elegant quality that will coincide with any very fully.

White Nails with Black Lunula


62. Golden Butterflies

Black and white manicure is a popular and fashionable solution in the world of nail art. On a few white nails, you can create a simulation of cracks to give a lot of attention to the details of your manicure. Multicolored butterflies this is the print that will make your nail design diverse and complicated. They’ll cheer you up even on the saddest and rainiest of days.

White Nails with Simple Black Paintings

Source: @luminarymoonnails


63. Simple Print for Short Nails

Short nails are often a source of inspiration for a nice and aesthetic manicure. The combination of black and white is ideal for manicure experiments because it will allow you to create a classic but fashionable manicure. A simple print on some nails will focus on every detail of your nail. Enjoy your nails every day and every hour.

Short Black and White Nails

Source: @diamondnails.lambtonquay


64. Black Lace Accents

Those women who are fans of classic French manicure often choose unique and extraordinary solutions. You can make strips in the top of your fingernails, and so it can become white, black with glitter, or even with elements of lace. A lacy manicure will highlight each woman’s personality and sense of style, no matter how old she is, 15 or 60.

Black and White French Nails

Source: @minnalamond1975


65. Cosmic Ombre

White glossy polish always looks elegant and stylish. The nail design you choose can be the perfect place to create cosmic ombre on multiple nails. Gentle waves from black to grey will create contrast and glitter will shine and shine. This type of nail design is perfect for an elegant suit or dress, no matter what event you are going to.

White and Black Ombre Nails

Source: @katarzynaglodkowska


Black and white manicure is what many modern women call a unique and stylish solution for any event. You can make these nails and live with them for a long time because they are the ideal for any event or office meeting. If you carry a manicure like that, you’ll be delicate, feminine, and beautiful.

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