45 Lotus Flower Tattoos Designs & Meanings

Sternum Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus tattoo is a symbol of purity, a unique soul, and a humans’ desire to improve themselves.

This skin print will be optimal for those people who seek new spiritual paths and want to understand the meaning of life, what is harmony with the universe, inner peace in the soul, and peace in mind. The tattoo can vary in color, which can have many meanings and be a symbol of different things.

1. Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo

Best mandala lotus tattoos are very popular due to their subtlety and their deep symbolism. So it can be drawn on any part of your body. Such a tattoo is the symbol of a department store that protects the tattoo holder, helps him in finding the right way of life, and protects him from wrong decisions. The mandala image is a graceful pattern with repeating fragments that resemble a lace pattern. That’s why it is women who most often get this type of tattoo.

Red Lotus and Mandala Tattoo

Source: @sarahthirteentattoo

Mandala Lotus Tattoo on Thigh

Source: @haillymartintattoos

Mandala Lotus Tattoo on Forearm

Source: @needlejuice28

Full Back Mandala Lotus Tattoo

Source: @tattoo4ladies

Mandala Lotus Tattoo on Arm

Source: @sirens.ink_tattoo


2. Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo photos

In the art, one flower is pictured, which is often applied on the areas between shoulder blades, on the forearm, or the lower back. It’s a symbol of its owner’s ability to overcome obstacles to the goal. It also symbolizes the pursuit of excellence.

Simple Lotus Tattoo on Shoulder

Source: @visual.tattoo.hk

Simple Lotus Tattoo

Source: @tattooer_woorin

Simple Lotus Tattoo on Back

Source: @inkart07


3. Japanese Lotus Tattoo Ideas

According to Japanese belief, a lotus image is a symbol of love for life, a rebirth, or a unique vision of the world. This tattoo is very popular with both men and women. It is most often painted on the forearm or on the inside of the elbow.

Men Japanese Lotus Tattoo

Source: @sonerkurak

Japanese Lotus Tattoo on Forearm

Source: @spic.tattoos

Japanese Lotus Tattoo

Source: @j_erre_tattoo


4. Back Lotus Flower Tattoo for Woman

The black and white lotus on the back is, first of all, the unity of opposites, the aspiration to the spiritual perfection of a man who has fallen into difficult circumstances of life. In the area between the shoulder blades on the woman’s body, a semi-open lotus bud is a symbol of her chastity, womanhood, and softness, as well as a testament to her desire to make her life sincere. If you draw a flower closer to your neck, you show all the people around you that you have acquired spiritual protection as well as support for the universe.

Back Lotus Tattoo for Woman

Source: @punktured_official

Back and Shoulder Lotus Tattoo

Source: @theasylum_tattooshop

Back Lotus Tattoo

Source: @karashock_ink


5. Arm Lotus Flower Tattoo: meaning

The lotus tattoo on the hand is universal as it is found in both men and women. On this part of the body, the master draws it in blooming form, and also with fully developed petals. A floating lotus painted by you or the tattooer indicates the deeply religious nature of its host, as well as symbolizing the search for meaning in life and even some self-sufficiency and harmony with itself.

Arm Lotus Tattoo

Source: @jimmygalan

Tiny Arm Lotus Tattoo

Source: @kkongji_tattoo

Shoulder and Arm Lotus Tattoo

Source: @sarah_machen


6. Gorgeous Purple Lotus

The petals, that are painted purple, symbolize spirituality, which helps overcome the difficulties of life, temptations. The purple semi-open bud represents the continuous development and pursuit of perfection.
Purple Lotus Tattoo on Shoulder

Source: @emredizici_grimmtattoo

Blue and Purple Lotus Tattoo

Source: @camillafrazao_

Small Purple Lotus Tattoo

Source: @jackemichaelsen.tattoo


7. Pretty Small Lotus Tattoo

The small black tattoos express aesthetics and lotus symbolism, but they are not too vivid an accent on the body. Most often, tattooers advise their clients to paint these tattoos on the back of their neck, in the area of the solar plexus, or on the inside of their elbow.

Color Small Lotus Tattoo

Source: @tilda_tattoo

Small Lotus Tattoo on Back

Source: @sense_ofspace

Outline Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @slavenavena


8.  Koi Fish Lotus Flower Tattoo for Man

Men often choose original eastern tattoos, such as the hand with the lotus and koi fish. The drawing may be monochromatic, but if it is in color, the bright contrasting shades are chosen, with red and orange prevailing. Aside from the hand, fish koi is often a drawing on the chest.

Colored Koi Fish Lotus Tattoo

Source: @matthewtrantattoo

Koi Fish Lotus Tattoo

Source: @onitattoo

Koi Fish Lotus Tattoo on Hip

Source: @amynguyenart

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9. Unalome Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus and unalome combination is very popular. Many women prefer such mysterious graphic designs, but men often choose this unique style. The popular location of unalome is the wrist. The hinges that go into the straight line are a great addition to this tattoo because it looks extremely elegant. Such a tattoo is a symbol of the desire for inner harmony through enlightenment, as well as a symbol of the path of the human soul from darkness to light.

Simple Unalome Lotus Tattoo

Source: @tattoo.girl.idea

Outline Unalome Lotus Tattoo

Source: @upbeat_ink

Unalome Lotus Tattoo

Source: @inkmonster_20


10. Trendy Watercolor Lotus

The lotus that is pictured in watercolor techniques, is a symbol of a person’s emotionality, as well as his or her diverse interests and contradictory character. The predominance of red tones speaks of the passion and energy of the owner. White petals symbolize spiritual purity and Buddhism, and blue buds indicate human wisdom.

Watercolor Lotus Tattoo on Back

Source: @sammeantunes

Watercolor Lotus Tattoo

Source: @tattoostationbrasil

Red Watercolor Lotus Tattoo

Source: @alexbleedtattoo


11. Outline Lotus

When a lotus tattoo is an image of a flower in the form of a thin line or several ones, it indicates a love of minimalism, although besides miniature designs rather bright variants with mandala and lace patterns are also popular. As additional elements, inscriptions are often added to the flower, the meaning of which is chosen individually and has a deep meaning.

Outline Lotus Flower Tattoo on Side

Source: @flameo_ink

Spine Outline Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @myflytat

Outline Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @ianreynold

Forearm Outline Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @graphitandink


12. Buddhist Lotus Style

The Buddha lotus tattoo is a common choice of followers of Buddhism or Hinduism and other Oriental religious traditions, as well as this tattoo, is loved by those who are familiar with the concept of Enlightenment as the only way out of samsara. A drawing like this is a symbol that shows spirituality, detachment from worldly attachments, and that the tattoo holder has a teacher that he or she follows. Men prefer the most realistic designs and ask the tattoo artist to decorate their hands. Also popular is a Buddha in a lotus pond on the back or chest.

Buddhist Lotus Tattoo

Source: @tess_divine_ink

Colored Buddhist Lotus Tattoo

Source: @crisfuentesart

Buddhist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @matthewgreskiewicz


13. Om Lotus Flower Tattoo

Any mantra in religious songs of Buddhism or Hinduism begins with the sound of Om. It represents the truth, the human aspiration for enlightenment, and his or her harmony with the universe. The common combination of Ohm and Lotus speaks of a holistic and harmonious personality, indicates the peace of mind within a person, and symbolizes his or her wisdom. The most common use of this tattoo is to decorate the upper neck to highlight the relationship of the tattoo holder to higher energy.

Small Om Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @zerotattoo_fashion

Big Om Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @renotattooco


14. Lotus Blossom Tattoo

A lotus-blossoming tattoo is a symbol of a man’s abundant inner-world love for life and his or her generosity. It also shows the cultural renaissance, the triumph of life over death, and the inner harmony of the chaos that surrounds it. Only in rare cases, tattooers use black and white to depict petals. This occurs when a flowering lotus has been drawn in the Dotwork style or supplemented with lace patterns and mandala. But mostly they’re bright and colorful petals.

Lotus Blossom Tattoo

Source: @crossroads.tattoo

Watercolor Lotus Blossom Tattoo

Source: @tbamyong

Traditional Lotus Blossom Tattoo

Source: @inkmonkeyvenice


15. Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus tattoo on your wrist is a symbol of your tenderness and womanhood. That’s why women often choose this option. It is usually a small minimalist flower, which is often monochromic or colorful and bright like painting.

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Wrist

Source: @genevieve_tattoos

Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @patyfedrigo


16. Incredible Shoulder Lotus Flower Tattoo

There is public opinion that the representation of a lotus on the left shoulder brings luck, family well-being, and prosperity to its owner. This is why women tend to choose this option. The flower that the tattoo artist drew on your right shoulder is a symbol of courage, of spiritual maturity, and of the wisdom of you, its owner. This option is often chosen by men.

Small Shoulder Lotus Tattoo

Source: @mcrozatti

Big Lotus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

Source: @coretjonathan


17. Tribal Lotus Flower Tattoo for Men

The sharp-pointed Tribal patterns symbolize a person’s commitment to his or her traditions, connection to lineage, and the desire to develop his or her inner potential. Combined with a lotus, such a tattoo tells the people around you to find harmony between your soul and your body. Most often, men prefer this sketch and draw it on the forearm, chest, and back.

Tribal Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @worldoftattoos


18. Red Lotus Tattoo

The red lotus of a flower tattoo in full bloom, it’s a tradition. It indicates the vitality and filling of the person, embodies the love and compassion for the people around them. This tattoo is often referred to as a heart flower, and then they paint it on the back, hand, hip, or upper neck.

Red Lotus Flower Tattoo on Spine

Source: @lucymytattoo

Geometric Red Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @studio.furia

Red Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @hollowtattoohouse


19. Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo

Colorful lotus is very popular in aqua style. Such a tattoo has one bright color or several ones, and it is also very expressive and reminds everyone of a work of art. But you can only get a readable drawing if the tattoo artist uses high-quality expensive paint. Otherwise, the tattoo will look vague and unrealistic.

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @olivetats

Colorful Lotus Tattoo

Source: @andretenoriotattoo


20. Black Lotus

Tattoo artists often apply a black lotus-like drawing to the skin in the style of Dotwork. This tattoo is a flower that has many dots and other small elements. Monochrome tones indicate that the tattoo holder has a moderate and highly balanced character.

Black Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @ex_votist

Black Shoulder Lotus Tattoo

Source: @staysonyamind


21. Blue Lotus – symbolizes your spirituality

The blue lotus symbolizes your spirituality, your devotion to high ideals, and wisdom. Typically, tattoo artists depict these drawings in the form of semi-open flowers, which symbolize the continuous process of self-improvement of the owner. This tattoo can be associated with Buddhism or Eastern beliefs, but it can also be chosen regardless of a person’s religion.

Blue Lotus Flower TattooBlue Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @kota.808


22. White color Lotus Flower Tattoo

Often, tattoo artists use white ink to draw lotus on their client’s skin as a symbol of respect for Buddhist deities. Moreover, in this religious tradition, they are called the Buddha flower. Moreover, white petals, if eight of them, are a symbol of enlightenment and a unique spiritual path.

White Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @viktoria_tattoos


23. Half Sleeve Lotus Tattoo Design

A tattoo with flowers on half of the entire arm is suitable for a large and bold design, for example, if the client and the tattoo artist wanted to depict a lotus surrounded by water or unique patterns and symbols. Men very often choose realistic sketches. However, among women lotus with hamsa is popular.

Half Sleeve Lotus Flower Tattoo for Men

Source: @sol_retro

Half Sleeve Lotus Flower Tattoo for Women

Source: @13wavestattoo


24. Sleeve Lotus Tattoo

You can see tattoos on a full sleeve very rarely in women, unlike cases with men who love this option very much. Tattooers often supplement this lotus drawing with various decorative components they take from Eastern culture. Colored petals on a monochrome background, as well as in combination with black and white waves of the river and clouds, look beautiful.

Sleeve Lotus Flower TattooSleeve Lotus Flower TattooSleeve Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @francescocintipiredda


25. fabulous Neck Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus tattoo on a woman’s neck is a symbol of her rich inner world and her desire for creativity. Women prefer to draw it in the upper part of their neck, as well as near the neck base side, near the shoulder blades or shoulders. The image of this flower in a man symbolizes his wisdom or desire to discover his inner potential.

Neck Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @animadetattoo


26. Pink Tattoo

Many people believe that the lotus flower that is painted on the hand helps its owner to act correctly in this world, to keep the purity of thoughts, and to resist temptations and vices. This tattoo is often both colored and monotonous. Every shade in this detail has a unique meaning.

Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @van_gogh_tattoo

Pink Lotus on Leg

Source: @reid_elizabeth_tattoo

Pink Lotus on Spine

Source: @dalmar.paratela


27. Minimalist Lotus Flower Express Tattoo

Tiny lotuses are popular among young women. Tattoo artists like to depict these little ornaments on their clients’ necks, as well as on their shoulders, wrists, or in the tibia. Execution styles are very different, but more often it is Dotwork, which is ideal for minimalist tattoos.

Minimalist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @gulsumalacalitattoo

Minimalist Lotus Flower Tattoo on Wrist

Source: @buraktattooart

Minimalist Lotus Tattoo

Source: @soucla

Minimalist Lotus Tattoo on Ankle

Source: @jmk.tattoo


28. Elegant Hand Lotus

It’s a female version of drawing a lotus flower tattoo. The flower on the brush is primarily a symbol of artistry and a delicate spiritual organization, and it gives elegance to its female owner. Visually, this pattern strengthens your womanhood, the delicate bends of your hands, and it also attracts the attention of others immediately.

Female Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @ksuvahrusheva

Hand Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @needles_riri

Small Hand Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @sioou

Lotus Flower Tattoo for Men

Source: @jeremy_goodlifetattoosg


29. attractive Ankle Flower

The ankle area is ideal for minimalist tattoos. But lovers of ethnic motives often supplement the lotus with eastern symbols, different ornaments, and patterns. Mostly on the ankle, only women draw these flowers. However, you can see this on the body of a man too, but very rarely.

Small Lotus Flower on Ankle

Source: @tathy_venturelli_tattoo

Black Lotus Flower on Ankle

Source: @simonedora.tattoo

Ankle Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @k_s_tattoo

Ankle Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @fauna_tattoos


30. Thigh Lotus Flower Tattoo

The hip is the ideal place to paint tattoos on skating and beautiful girls who plan to enhance their sexuality. This part of the body has enough space for different thumbnails, but most often a lotus is filled surrounded by patterns and ornaments on thigh.

Lotus Flower on Thigh

Source: @julls_tattoo

Lotus Flower on Hip

Source: @awoltattoos

Hip Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @lidiadepablotattoo

Thigh Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @inkedbyx_


31. Foot Lotus Flower Tattoo in Black

The small flowers on the leg are a drawing that looks very aesthetic and even minimalist. They symbolize the ability of man to preserve his inner purity, even in a spoiled world. This part of the body has the most beautiful monochrome-style lotuses, although some people prefer realistic plots with different shades.

Foot Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @jasminwalshtattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Foot

Source: @omahung69


32. Lotus Flower and Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo is a symbol of eternal life, the triumph of good over evil, and a life cycle. In combination with the lotus, it symbolizes the revival of the soul, the internal recovery of the human being, and his or her return to active life after difficult events.

Lotus Flower and Buttrrfly Tattoo

Source: @joeygtattoo

Lotus Flower and Buttrrfly

Source: @atlantic_coast_tattoo

Butterfly Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @tinta_creation_tattoo


33. Chest Lotus

Although lotus is a woman’s flower, men often draw it on their breasts, too. As a rule, they supplement this with oriental symbolism, such as the carp fish that tattooers portray on their clients to attract luck and happiness into their lives. And a dragon surrounded by lotus petals symbolizes leadership, fortitude, and courage.

Lotus Flower on Chest

Source: @chaewha.tattoo

Chest Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @modernangels_tattoo


34. Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo in vectors

The lotus, which is drawn inside a triangle or diamond, is stylish and unique. Besides visual beauty, such a drawing has a unique hidden meaning, for example, it denotes the harmony between the mind, body, and soul of a person. People who have a balanced personality prefer this option.

Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @valentino.tattoos

Geometric Lotus Flower

Source: @sashka_kasatka.tattoo

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35. Forearm Lotus

The lotus on the forearm depicts people who want to know the meaning of life and believe in the possibility of reincarnation. The most common choice of this type of tattoo is for men, while women do not get enough forearm tattoos.

Lotus Flower on Forearm

Source: @nicdub_tattoo

Forearm Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @mooody.ink

Forearm Lotus Flower

Source: @noomi_tattoo


36. Blue Lotus Flower and Tiger Tattoo

A tiger tattoo is what people call a male variant because it symbolizes rage, ferocity, and other qualities that all predatory animals have. Surrounded by lotuses, this tiger pattern symbolizes a man’s ability to strike a balance between a woman’s and a man’s nature. Thus, in some circumstances, a man must show his cruelty, and he must behave in a friendly and compassionate manner among those closest to him.

Lotus Flower and Tiger

Source: @bium_tattoo

Tiger and Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @realarttattoo


37. Realistic Lotus Tattoo

The realistically styled lotus does not have an additional meaning component, but it looks very bright and makes a great impression on the people around you. Most often, tattoo artists do this on a client’s shoulder, back, or lower back. These are places where there’s space to paint small details like petals and the surrounding wildlife.

Realistic Lotus Flower

Source: @koizhou_tattooist

Realistic Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @steveknerem


38. Meaningful Sternum Lotus Flower Tattoo

If men prefer flowers on their breasts, women often draw this tattoo under their breasts because it looks unique and feminine in this place. A common variant is a monochrome lotus surrounded by patterns and ornaments that encircle the entire area under the breast like a hoop.

Sternum Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @anais_chabane

Lotus Flower on Sternum

Source: @nagor_tattoo


39. Lotus Flower With Stem on the wrist

Lotus with stem tattooers draws both as a bud and in the form of a fully developed flower. In both cases, this drawing is a symbol that a man does not forget his past generations, such as teachers and tutors, and that, despite the turmoil of life, he or she remembers his or her spiritual purpose.

Lotus Flower with Stem

Source: @tattooist_moonsun

Lotus Flower With Stem

Source: @yasmine.relic


40. Black and Grey Lotus Flower Tattoo

In the lotus flowers, the black symbolizes strength, and the grey is a symbol of nobility, of a versatile view of the world, and of powerful reason. These tattoos are preferred by people who are passionate about self-knowledge, Eastern martial arts, and Asian philosophy.

Black and Grey Lotus Tattoo

Source: @guihee

Black and Grey Lotus Flower

Source: @brittnaami


41. Dotwork – Rib Lotus Flower Tattoo

The area on the ribs is sensitive enough to apply a tattoo, so tattoos in this part of the body are very rare. Typically, tattoo artists paint lotuses in these locations in the style of graphics, minimalism, or popular Dotwork style under ribs. Drawn on ribs, lotus flowers have no unique meaning and simply make your appearance and style unique.

Rib Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @dagmar_at_the_liner

Lotus Flower on Rib

Source: @jad_tattoo

Rib Lotus Flower

Source: @pakhanova


42. Spine Unalome Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotuses that the tattoo artist made on the client along all spine are often supplemented by unalome. This combination symbolizes the rich life path of the individual, the desire for enlightenment, and the continued spiritual development of the tattoo holder. Most often, women prefer these tattoos because they visually flatten and refine the back.

Spine Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @thomasstreetink

Lotus Flower on Spine

Source: @paulomeirelestattoo65


43. Finger Lotus Flower Tattoo

Buds or blossoms are very beautiful if they’re painted by a tattoo artist on a client’s finger. This is a case where the tattoo is not a component of the other drawings on your body. It’s a choice of men and women who want everyone around them to see their tattoo. This is a good option for minimalist tattoos, but sometimes tattoos add dots, lace, letters, or other small details.

Finger Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @sarah.gwansoontattoos

Lotus Flower on Finger

Source: @leo_tattoo_academy


44. Amazing Phoenix Lotus Flower

Traditionally, the Phoenix in tattoos symbolizes rebirth, the triumph of good over evil, as well as overcoming serious hardships in life. Combined with the lotus, this value is amplified and has in itself immortality, enlightenment, the end of worldly life, and the acquisition of spiritual wealth.

Phoenix Lotus Flower

Source: @mynamesnoli


45. Hummingbird Lotus Flower Tattoo

Hummingbird is a popular symbol of joy, optimism, mystical ability, grace, and even femininity. Depicted in a lotus environment, this bird demonstrates your rich inner world, your power to adapt to your surroundings, and your love of life even filled with hard events. It’s a popular variant where a tattoo artist paints this tattoo in a colorful style. The reason for this is to stress the energy and positive attitude of the client.

Hummingbird Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @inkdamind

Lotus tattoos are not just beautiful drawings, but also mysterious symbols that have hidden and unique meanings. They can show people a lot about the character, the values, and the passions of a person with that tattoo.


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