Best Ombre Hairstyle Ideas

Black to blonde ombre

Ombre hair with a soft gradient or a stark contrast change matches all season color types and hair textures. It is also suitable for any look. The only trick is to match it well with your skin undertones and eye color.

For instance, copper or rainbow shades won’t flatter girls with tan skin and hazel eyes. Instead, sandy, honey, caramel ombre will contrast well against tan skin. We will show you 48 different ombre looks in the article below.

1. Blonde Ombre

Ombre looks cool and gorgeous on blonde girls. For natural blonde fair hair opt for gradient ombre highlights than dyeing your tresses with the following one color staining.

Source: @megiivalii


2. Ash Blonde Ombre

Ashy hues on dark hair create the very contrast that ombre highlights were created for initially. The cooler the locks are and the more contrast between the natural and the colored hair there is, the bolder the result you will achieve.

Ash Blonde Ombre

Source: @hairbyamberjoy



3. Blonde to Pink Ombre Hair

Romantic light pink ombre is best for cooler shades of blonde. Strawberry and cream mix is made for dreamy and tender girls.

Blonde to pink ombre hair

Source: @shebick_hairpics

Blonde to pink ombre hair

Source: @jackieinmanhair


4. Dirty Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Locks of different shades of blonde create the effect of a lion’s mane. This hair color technique is a low-maintenance hair option as it doesn’t need constant staining. The result is similar to one after a complex coloring, but it’s actually a blonde ombre with a subtle gradient.

Dirty blonde ombre

Source: @jackieinmanhair


5. Honey blonde ombre

A softened warm honey blonde ombre is easy to create on a natural fair hair base. It looks especially good on girls with green, grey or blue eyes and slightly tanned skin.

Honey blonde ombre

Source: @hairbycarysx


6. Strawberry Blonde Hair Ombre

A strawberry blonde hue makes you look younger and flatters your skin. This ombre color choice will legit make you look lovely and original. To benefit from this shade you will need to have a fair color base. In the picture the coloring looks like balayage, but nevertheless it is ombre.

Strawberry blonde hair ombre

Source: @hairmadebylillian


7. Dark Roots Blonde Ombre

This classy ombre with a subtle change from a darkish base hair color to the light ends is always on trend. It suits all hair except black as in that case you will need to lift your hair up to 5 levels.

Dark roots blonde ombre

Source: @jackieinmanhair


8. Platinum Blonde Ombre

A cool platinum blonde looks brighter and more interesting with ombre. As a rule, you can’t have that cool shade of natural hair or even achieve it through staining. That’s the trick that ombre highlights do while making your hair look more natural and timelessly elegant.

Platinum blonde ombre

Source: @jackieinmanhair


9. Brown ombre hair

In the very beginning ombre was created for dark chestnut hair and fair hair. This coloring in warm golden shades of blonde is a win-win combination for brunettes. It also adds dimension and texture to hair. Works extremely well with wavy curls, braids, ponytails and other creative settings.

Brown ombre hair

Source: @hairmadebylillian


10. Ash brown ombre

Brunettes should opt for a soft gradient of dark shades. If the contrast between almost black and blonde hair looks vulgar, then an elegant transition from one dark shade into another creates a stunning look.

Ash brown ombre

Source: @aerysalon


11. Auburn ombre hair

Auburn blonde is a transitional color from copper to warm blonde. Copper and chestnut hues match well together with blonde shades and flatter fair skin girls with green or blue eyes.

Auburn ombre hair

Source: @aerysalon


12. Brown to green ombre

A creative coloring works best with a dark hair base. This color choice is numero uno if you plan to gain everyone’s attention. Many bold and creative girls opt for this coloring.

Brown to green ombre

Source: @hairbykatierose


13. Black to blonde ombre

For girls with black hair it’s especially important to reach a smooth gradation from the dark blonde roots to the lighter cool ends. At the end you will enjoy an elevated ombre look.

Black to blonde ombre Source: @hairbykatierose

Black to blonde ombre

Source: @bishops.nempls


14.  Red ombre on black hair

Chestnut hair loves red hues. The latter could range from claret red to eggplant purple. Red shades on dark hair create an ideal contrast for ombre. It brightens the look and drastically changes the appearance.

Red ombre on black hair

Source: @unfade_royren

15.  Ombre highlights on black hair

Anthracitic-platinum, caramel or colorful ombre highlights to the tips on dark hair look creative and elegant. They allow easy maintenance as the colors don’t require constant staining and they suit pretty much every style, especially casual.
Ombre highlights on black hair

Source: @hairbykatierose

Ombre highlights on black hair

Source: @hairbykatierose

Source: @hairbykatierose


16. Blue ombre hair

Turquoise and light blue shades define dreamy and romantic people. These colors freshen up the look and enliven a face. Creative girls like opting for these colors as well. Still, dark skin girls with hazel eyes should be careful while choosing mermaid colors.

Blue ombre hair

Source: @christiannahair

Blue ombre hair

Source: @salonyeagerknoxville


17. Blue to purple ombre hair

Cool bright shades match well with any hair base color. A blue to purple ombre looks festive and creative. Perfect for braids, chignons and elaborated hairstyles.

Blue ombre hair

Source: @dkhairstyles


18. Black and burgundy ombre

Burgundy shades look best on brunettes. Dark hair color plus burgundy hues result in intense and elegant coloring.

Black and burgundy ombre

Source: @jackieinmanhair


19. Burgundy to blonde ombre hair

A rare and creative transition from a dyed burgundy base to creamy blonde. To get a gorgeous mix of shades aka milk & cherry hair, it’s better to style or braid your hair on a regular basis.

Burgundy to blonde ombre hair

Source: @bellabeautiquellc


20. Dark to caramel ombre

A caramel ombre looks balanced and chic on chestnut hair. A smooth transition is very ubtle and it looks almost as highlights. That’s the end result that a colorist should be aiming at.

Dark to caramel ombre

Source: @hairbykatierose


21. Brown to pink ombre

Rose ombre on fair or chestnut hair looks like milk raspberry chocolate. It’s girlish, tender, and lights up the whole look. It flatters girls with blue or grey blue eyes. As all creative colorings can underline the smallest imperfections, the skin should be perfect too.
Brown to pink ombre

Source: @hairbykatierose

Source: @dkenvy


22. Orange ombre hair

Orange to wine-red color ombre looks cool, fresh and adds some welcomed dimension. If you are looking for a way to enliven or change your look and attract some attention, it’s the best choice. It doesn’t suit girls with dark complexion and hazel eyes though.
Orange ombre hair

Source: @hairbykatierose

Orange ombre hair

Source: @therainbowhairartist

Orange ombre hair

Source: @dnalabsalon


23. Green ombre hair

Green to turquoise mermaid ombre suits any hair color base. It doesn’t require constant staining and enlivens the look straight away. The tresses gain attention and make the whole look very creative.
Source: @dnalabsalon
Source: @therainbowhairartistSource: @hairpaintingbykjb

24. Black to grey ombre

Platinum ombre with silver shades matches well with cool black hair color. The coloring looks chic, elegant and still original. That’s the best option for business women.

Black to grey ombre

Source: @aerysalon

Black to grey ombre

Source: @joymariebeauty


25. Copper ombre on dark hair

Copper shades give more texture to dark hair. This ombre is low-maintenance, so no need to elaborately style your hair. Still, if you make some efforts and braid your hair, or create beachy waves this shade will reveal its flamy nature.

Copper ombre on dark hair Source: @craftsalonglendora

Copper ombre on dark hair

Source: @felicityvividsmb


26. Black to purple ombre

Lavender ombre on dark brown hair looks elegant. This frozen plum shade matches all complexions and doesn’t require constant toning.

Black to purple ombre Source: @hairbykatierose

Black to purple ombre

Source: @beautybybrenx


27. Rainbow ombre hair

A creative and lively coloring for likewise people. It goes well with casual, pank, glam-rock, and grunge looks. It’s also perfect for people who are after a low-maintenance look as it doesn’t require constant toning. A stark image change is guaranteed!

Rainbow ombre hair Source: @hairbykatierose

Rainbow ombre hair

Source: @jackieinmanhair


28. Rose gold ombre hair

Natural hair should be lifted to 9-10 levels to obtain this pure shade of rose gold or strawberry blonde. It looks amazing on girls with cool skin undertones and green and grey eyes.

Rose gold ombre hair

Source: @aerysalon


29. Black to silver ombre

Silver ombre with a smooth gradation from black to platinum creates an elegant and polished look. A natural base should be toned into the coolest shade so the colors of the roots and the ends can meld seamlessly.

Black to silver ombre

Source: @aerysalon


30. Brown to red ombre

Red ombre elements can freshen up short and long hair. Dazzling burgundy, ochre, eggplant shades pair well with black and chestnut hair.

Brown to red ombre Source: @rebeccajacques_hair

Brown to red ombre

Source: @jackieinmanhair

Brown to red ombre

Source: @therealmelholli_

Brown to red ombre

Source: @slash_lisbon


31. Red to blonde ombre

A gradient strawberry & cream ombre makes us crave juicy strawberries! To rock this hair coloring, you will need to get the lightest hair base. This ombre looks stunning with tousled curls and elaborated hairstyles.

Red to blonde ombre

Source: @jhamm_creates


32. Ombre 2 colors

Bright red strands on fair hair create a flaming ombre. Curl and style your hair so that the color can pop.

Ombre 2 colors

Source: @hairbykatierose


33. Tri colored ombre hair

Purple, magenta and orange colors meld into each other seamlessly. These three colors brighten the skin and enliven your face features. The smooth color gradation matches all complexions.

Tri colored ombre hair

Source: @hairbykatierose


34. Multicolor ombre hair

Colorful pastel strands go well together with any ashy blonde, i.e. platinum, babylights, grey blonde. A mash-up of subdued pink, green and turquoise colors look elegant on fair skin girls with green, blue or grey eyes.

Tri colored ombre hair

Source: @jackieinmanhair


35. Short ombre hair

To spice up very short and straight blonde hair, add more details to your haircut. Ombre creates the necessary texture and volume!Short ombre hair Source: @curlologybymarilyn

Short ombre hair

Source: @martini_coiffeur_


36. Shoulder length ombre hairstyles

Medium length bob ombre can provide welcomed dimension and texture to your hair. Bob and layered haircuts with a seamless change from one color to another look polished and elevated.

Shoulder length ombre hairstyle Source: @aerysalon

Shoulder length ombre hairstyle

Source: @hairbylandco

Shoulder length ombre hairstyle

Source: @hairstylistmichellee


37. Ombre pixie

Short or medium length pixie or bixie cut can become an attention grabber with a colorful ombre. It freshens up the look and accentuates the haircut, not the age.

Ombre pixie



38. Ombre bob

A bob haircut and a smooth blonde ombre is a perfect match. This option brings texture and dimension to fine hair.

Ombre bob

Source: @aerysalon


39. Ombre lob haircut

A plain long bob could look a bit dim. Instead, a caramel ombre can create a well-groomed and elegant look. Hair will look even more elevated when growing out with this ombre.

Ombre lob haircut

Source: @laurajadehair_


40. Blonde ombre with bangs

Fair hair could be spiced with an ombre. Hair should be dyed to a natural blonde first to create this dreamy and girlish haircut with bangs.

Blonde ombre with bangs Source: @whitneyratigan

Blonde ombre with bangs

Source: @cristianoscarihair


41. Ombre on straight hair

These highlights match well with curls or different hairstyles. Still, ombre on long-layered straight hair is a ready-to-go look.

Ombre on straight hair  Source: @ericrobertcouture

Ombre on straight hair

Source: @christineandcostudio

Ombre on straight hair

Source: @_off_with_her_hair


42. Ombre curly hair

Ombre your natural curls for even more dimension and texture. The ombre technique doesn’t differ from coloring straight hair but the result exceeds expectations. Ombre curls create a stylish and posh look.Ombre curly hair Source: @gorjesswigs

Ombre curly hair

Source: @hairby_hc


43. Ombre weave hairstyles

Long wavy hair is an ideal experiment field for any ombre choice. Ombre highlights work best with curls and textured waves. You can opt for a vibrant contrast or a soft gradation.Ombre weave hairstyles Source: @aerysalon

Ombre weave hairstyles

Source: @hairmassiah

Ombre weave hairstyles

Source: @hairstyling_ilenia


44. Ombre hair color for black women

Face color and hair color of girls with dark skin tones represent a monochrome of different shades. Ombre can lighten the look. It could be challenging for a master to dye hair first but light strands look stunning against darker skin tones.

Ombre hair color for black women

Source: @deandra_espinal


45. Ombre hair for dark skin

Girls with dark skin tones and dark locks should be attentive while choosing a haircut and highlights. Ombre can simplify their choice as it adds brightness to this monochrome of dark shades. Tinge of light will also enliven the look.

Source: @beautybylaygi


46. Ombre hair for fair skin

Compared to girls with dark skin tones, fair skin ladies can go for any shade of ombre. Creative highlights of different colors and of different intensity will work best. In the picture you can see a chestnut base with a caramel ombre that perfectly suits fair skin.

Ombre hair for dark skin

Source: @hairbykatierose


47. Fire hair ombre

Different brassy shades in one ombre can flame up your look. It looks stunning on fair skin girls with green or blue eyes.

Fire hair ombre Source: @perceptionshairsalon

Fire hair ombre

Source: @geminisalonandgarden


48. Reverse ombre

Reverse light to dark ombre is one remarkable way to color your hair. It requires a total dyeing of hair so colors could meld seamlessly.

Reverse ombre Source: @nataliakop

Reverse ombre

Source: @andreashairapy

Ombre highlights work well with hair of different color, texture, and length. The key point is to choose a color that suits your complexion, eye color, and style. We hope that 48 ombre ideas can help you to make the right decision.


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